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Inell [userpic]
October Fic List
by Inell (inell)
at December 3rd, 2006 (11:10 am)

Any Age

Great Aunt Agnes, Colin. Summary: Colin hates when Great Aunt Agnes comes to visit
Never Forget, Poppy Pomfrey. Summary: Poppy will never forget
Special, Eric Munch. Summary: Eric watches people come and go from his desk in the Atrium
Passion for the Game, Alicia. Summary: She was going to miss Oliver
Lonely, Broderick Bode. Summary: Such is the life of an Unspeakable
Galleons, Ludo Bagman. Summary: Ludo knows that it’s time to stop
Pride, Rodolphus Lestrange. Summary: Rabastan will make Rodolphus proud of him
Artist, Benjy Fenwick. Summary: Benjy knows that he’s a true artist
Choice, Caradoc Dearborn. Summary: Caradoc knows that there’s only one choice
An Only Child, Petunia Evans Dursley. Summary: Petunia finds it surprisingly easy to forget that Lily exists
Missorted, Mandy Brocklehurst. Summary: Mandy hates being a Ravenclaw
A Bad Decision, Fred/Hermione. Summary: Fred makes a bad decision
Crazy, Claire Bennet (Heroes Fandom). Summary: She can’t be crazy, she’s a cheerleader!
Twelfth Day, Cornelius Fudge. Summary: On the twelfth day, Cornelius stares in the mirror and barely recognizes the man staring back at him
Divination, Gideon Prewett. Summary: Gideon doesn’t believe in divination
Fighter, Arabella Figg. Summary: Arabella Figg is a fighter
Heroine, Gabrielle Delacour. Summary: Gabrielle is a heroine, in her own way
Leader, Olive Hornby. Summary: Olive hates being at home
Dance, Michael Corner. Summary: Michael doesn’t dance
Lucky, Penelope Clearwater. Summary: Penny knows how lucky she is
Expectations, Dedalus Diggle. Summary: Dedalus knows his mum is wrong
Fascinating, Mundungus Fletcher. Summary: Dung finds it all really fascinating
Nice, Orla Quirke. Summary: Orla doesn’t think he’s very nice
Brother, Susan Bones. Summary: Susan finally understands
Instinct, Mr. Ollivander. Summary: Ollivander knows it is wise to be alert and cautious
Pain, Andromeda Tonks. Summary: The pain is worth it
That's Life, Theodore Nott. Summary: Theo knows that that’s life
Worst Day, Arthur Weasley. Summary: Arthur can’t remember a worse day
Soaring, Daphne Greengrass. Summary: Daphne loves to soar
Brothers, Aberforth Dumbledore. Summary: They’ve never been very much alike, he and Albus
Advice, Lee Jordan. Summary: Lee ignores his mum’s advice
Proud, Snape, Draco. Summary: The boy is nothing like his father
Discovery, Grindewald. Summary: He finds it hidden in the library
Endings, Merope Gaunt. Summary: She knows how it ends
Special, Stan Shunpike. Summary: Everyone is special in their own way


Stubble, Ron/Hermione/Harry. Summary: Ron likes being in the middle
Statistics, Cedric/Hermione. Summary: Cedric and Hermione try something new
Midnight Run, Cedric/Lucius. Summary: Cedric goes for a midnight run during the Quidditch World Cup
Irresistible, Harry/Tonks. Summary: Some things are just too good to resist
Bigger is Better, Bill/Harry. Summary: Sometimes, size does matter. Warn: MPreg
Celebration, Bill/Hermione. Summary: The best part of finishing a project is the celebration after


Posted by: a_mere_muggle (a_mere_muggle)
Posted at: December 27th, 2006 08:06 am (UTC)

Hey Inell!

I read HP fanfic just about everyday and sometimes for an insane amount of time...kinda like today. I just found all of you HP fic and its odd because all of the good ones I seem to find are the ones Ive already read. I think that I havent found them before because Im not a fan of Hr centric fiction. I looked on you site and found all those BtVS fics that I read years ago. They made me like Willow centric fiction. I just wanted to message you and tell you that I love your fic and I found you on AFF. Ive never bothered to read a HG/VK fic before, not my thing, and they were great. Its unusual for me to have an author that I consistantly read...I do have a few though...none of them actually have this much fic or even fic thats always good. Its very early in the morning, 3am, and I just wanted to give you a great review cause you rock but now Im afraid that Ive babbled my way through most of it...

Good Night & Thanks!

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