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Inell [userpic]
July Fic
by Inell (inell)
at August 1st, 2006 (05:26 pm)

Any Age

Fic: A Green Toothbrush, Cedric/Hermione. Summary: Cedric wakes up. AU
Fic: A Question, Draco/Neville. Summary: Draco asks Neville a question
Fic: Cheating, Hermione. Summary: It’s cheating
Fic: Forever, Viktor/Hermione. Summary: From the moment he sees her, Viktor knows that she is different
Fic: Smile, Ron/Hermione/Harry. Summary: All things considered, it is actually rather anti-climatic
clever_mischief updated Chapter 24: Past History, Fred/Hermione/George.


Fic: An Unexpected Development, Captain Hook/Hermione. Summary: There was always time for thinking later. Crossover with Peter Pan (2004)
Fic: Home, Charlie/Hermione. Summary: The music is too loud and the club is full of smoke
Fic: Day, Bill/Neville. Summary: The best way to start a new day
Fic: Night, Charlie/Harry. Summary: This was a night he wouldn’t forget
Fic: Love, Charlie/Hermione. Summary: It happens gradually
Fic: Just for Tonight, Draco/Ron. Summary: Ron goes to the pub
Fic: Artistic, Dean/Hermione. Summary: The bristles of the paintbrush are soft
Fic: Touch, Bill/Remus. Summary: This is the part that Bill likes most after the full moon.
Fic: Music of the Night, Bellatrix/Narcissa. Summary: She loses herself in the music of the night
Fic: Sight, James/Sirius. Summary: Sirius likes to look at James
Fic: Frantic, Ron/Hermione/Harry. Summary: It was just too much sensation
Fic: Lust, Blaise/Hermione. Summary: Hermione couldn’t concentrate and it was all his fault
Fic: Mirage, Blaise/Charlie. Summary: Mirage was a very exclusive club in the Wizarding section of London near Oxford Circus
Fic: Beneath the Willow Tree, Viktor/Hermione, Minerva/Tom, Lucius/Narcissa. Summary: The Willow tree has seen many things in its lifetime
Fic: Wanking Material, Ron/Hermione/Harry. Summary: Hermione comes home early from a meeting and finds the boys working hard