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Inell [userpic]
May Fics
by Inell (inell)
at May 31st, 2006 (09:00 pm)

Any Age

Fic: How Forever Feels, Charlie/Hermione. Summary: Let’s see how forever feels
Fic: Underwater, Draco/Hermione. Summary: Hermione needs to clear her mind
Fic: Serendipity - Unexpected, Cedric/Hermione. Summary: It wasn’t supposed to be like this
Fic: Just a Name, Viktor/Hermione. Summary: An interlude in the library
Fic: Something to Think About, Ron/Hermione/Draco. Summary: Ron asks Hermione a question
Fic: The Stranger, Regulus/Hermione. Summary: The house was in ruins
clever_mischief updated with Chapter 22: A Proposal. Fred/George/Hermione.
Fic: Reminisce, Viktor/Hermione. Summary: Viktor has something to show Hermione
Fic: Sleeping, Charlie/Hermione. Summary: Hermione likes to watch Charlie sleep
Fic: Resolution, Ron/Hermione. Summary: Hermione keeps a resolution
Fic: The Wind, Ron/Harry/Hermione. Summary: The wind feels nice after a warm afternoon
Fic: Bothersome, Seamus/Hermione. Summary: Hermione can’t concentrate


Fic: Make a Note, Fred/George, Ron/Harry, Charlie/Bill, Remus/Kingsley, Fleur/Ginny/Tonks, Fred/George/Hermione, Harry/Fred, George/Bill/Hermione/Charlie. Summary: Fred and George test a new line of products. Warnings: Incest, underage (16 and 17)
Fic: Too Hot to Sleep, Viktor/Hermione. Summary: It's too hot to sleep
Fic: Experimentation, Draco/Ron. Summary: Denial and alcohol were a good way to deal with tonight.
Fic: Transformation, Blaise/Draco. Summary: The first time he sees Draco Malfoy, he hates him. Warn: Non-Con
Fic: Dirty Little Secret, Sirius/Hermione. Summary: “Gonna be our little secret, sweet girl.” Warn: Rape, underage (15)
Fic: First Snowfall, Remus/Hermione. Summary: The first snowfall of the season made the land look like a picture postcard
Fic: Invitations, Blaise/Harry. Summary: The worst part of winning the war had to be the constant stream of invitations to parties that followed
Fic: One Rainy Night, Ron/Hermione. Summary: There was nothing all that exciting about hunting horcruxes
Fic: Summer Heat, Ginny/Hermione. Summary: Ginny asks Hermione to go flying on a hot summer day