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Inell [userpic]
April Fic List
by Inell (inell)
at April 30th, 2006 (10:52 am)

Any Age

Fic: Time for a Change, Narcissa/Hermione. Summary: Narcissa decides it's time for a change
Fic: Words, Viktor/Hermione. Summary: Viktor doesn’t understand some words
Fic: A Fair Game, Blaise/Hermione. Summary: I do like a fair game, though, which is why I was so candid about my intentions.
clever_mischief updated Chapter 21: A Gentlemen's Agreement, Fred/Hermione/George.
Fic: The Guy Code, Seamus/Hermione. Summary: The number one rule of the Guy Code is ‘Thou shalt not covet the girl that a good friend fancies’.
Fic: S'mores, Charlie/Hermione. Summary: Muggles were weird
Fic: Something Unexpected, Adrian/Hermione. Summary: If this is what love felt like, Hermione wanted no part of it
Fic: Touch the Sun, Cedric/Hermione. Summary: For a brief time, she knew what it was like to touch the sun and that’s something that she’ll never forget.
Fic: Jealous, Charlie/Hermione. Summary: Hermione is jealous
Fic: Irresistible, Ron/Hermione. Summary: Sometimes being an oaf isn’t a bad thing
Fic: Dawn, Bill/Charlie/Hermione. Summary: The new day begins
Fic: Commitment, Fred/Hermione/George. Summary: It was their own kind of perfect
Fic: Starbucks, Charlie/Hermione. Summary: It was raining in London
Fic: Appreciation, Molly/Arthur. Summary: Drabble
Fic: Share, Charlie/Hermione. Summary: Drabble
Fic: Hope, Draco/Harry. Summary: Drabble
Fic: Belong, Charlie/Draco. Summary: Drabble


Fic: Something Good, Dean/Hermione. Summary: She knew, somehow, that this was the start of something good
Fic: Fall, Harry/Hermione. Summary: And then they fall
Fic: By Dawn's Early Light, Fleur/Hermione. Summary: The Burrow is always quiet in the hours following dawn.
Fic: Passion, Sirius/Hermione. Summary: With him, she learned the true meaning of passion
Fic: Darkness and Light, Bellatrix/Neville, Luna/Neville. Summary: He tries to fight it but knows that it is inevitable
Fic: A Dance, Ginny/Hermione. Summary: Ginny thinks Hermione needs to loosen up
Fic: A Smoke, Sirius/Severus. Summary: Remus goes out for a smoke
Fic: Warm, Viktor/Hermione. Summary: Hermione and Viktor enjoy a warm summer evening
Fic: The King's Crown, Charlie/Snape. Summary: The King’s Crown was a Muggle establishment that was always full of smoke and local villagers
Fic: Frustration, Bill/Hermione/Neville. Summary: Neville wonders if Hermione knows that Bill watches her
Fic: Hers, Tom/Hermione. Summary: She comes to him at night when he’s caught between sleep and alertness
Fic: Pride, Lucius/Hermione. Summary: Pride and arroagance
Fic: Shatter, Lucius/Hermione. Summary: He is fascinated
Fic: Moment, Harry/Snape. Summary: Drabble
Fic: Silent, Remus/Snape. Summary: Drabble
Fic: Spying, Fred/George/Viktor, Ron. Summary: Drabble
Fic: Tease, Harry/Neville. Summary: Drabble
Fic: Crash, Tonks/Charlie. Summary: Drabble


Posted by: Elzatrattelmeless (mindiworks)
Posted at: May 26th, 2006 01:52 am (UTC)

Thanks for the list, I have to tell you, you are the first author who dragged me into my fangirl world of HP, I found your work at FF and "always the quiet ones" !!
"Winner takes all" is one of my favs!!

I'm so happy to find this LJ with your fab work!!

Thank you!!!!**kisses**

Posted by: Inell (inell)
Posted at: May 26th, 2006 01:59 am (UTC)

Hi! Welcome *grin* I don't update this LJ except monthly, usually, to save Spam. *Grin* Recent updates are all at my LJ!

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