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Inell [userpic]
Fics from January
by Inell (inell)
at January 31st, 2006 (10:33 pm)

Any Age

clever_mischief with rose_whispers updated with chapters 9: I Am Not Paranoid, 10: Up to No Good, 11. Friendly Competition, 12. Subtlety, and 13. Distracted
Fic: Massage, Adrian/Hermione. Summary: Hermione gets a surprise when she goes for her weekly massage
Fic: Just This Once, Ginny/Hermione/Harry. Summary: There were some things that just went way beyond the call of friendship. This happened to be one of them
Fic: Old Friends, Pansy/Neville. Summary: On Christmas Eve, Pansy visits old friends
Fic: By the Lake, Viktor/Hermione. Summary: It was always quiet down by the lake during winter.
Fic: The Party, Cormac/Hermione. Summary: The party was in full swing by the time Hermione arrived.
Fic: Turning Japanese, Remus/Sirius. Summary: Remus wants to learn Japanese
Fic: The Cliffs, Draco/Hermione. Summary: The view from the cliffs was beautiful
Fic: Rome, Ron/Hermione/Harry. Summary: Rome is a lovely city, full of history and people.
Fic: Strength, Remus/Hermione. Summary: The owl arrives shortly after dawn
Fic: The Funeral, Blaise/Hermione. Summary: The funeral is held on a bright spring afternoon
Always a Bridesmaid. |1. Hallway Encounter|2. The Bride|3. Let Them Have Cake|4. A Trip to Town|5. Perfect Timing|6. Pest Control|7. The Ceremony|, Cedric/Hermione. Summary: Hermione is performing bridesmaid duties for the seventh time. (Eventually Adult)


Fic: The Healing Touch, Bill/Draco. Summary: They all had scars; some just weren’t as visible as others. The right touch, however, could help them begin to heal
Fic: Sunrise, Bill/Hermione/Charlie. Summary: As the sun rises, passion ignites once again
Fic: Ensnared, Lucius/Hermione. Summary: Days have become weeks and she no longer knows how long she has been here.
Fic: Night Before Christmas, Charlie/Hermione. Summary: Charlie and Hermione spend the holidays at the Burrow
Fic: Embrace the Night, Hermione. Summary: She finds beauty in the shadows
Fic: The Weasley, Lucius/Bill. Summary: Lucius likes a challenge
Fic: A Gesture, Bill/Hermione. Summary: Hermione is frustrated and just wants a gesture so she'll know his intentions. Bill gives her one.
Fic: Until Next Time, Lucius/Hermione. Summary: Then they forget everything except passion, hate, desire, and need
Fic: Rule Breaker, Blaise/Hermione. Summary: Sometimes you just have to break the rules
Fic: Change, Severus/Hermione. Summary: Sometimes change can be good
Fic: Bookworm, Hermione. Summary: Madam Pince always leaves for her dinner break at half-seven.
Fic: Victory, Charlie/Hermione/Harry. Summary: Victory is theirs
Fic: Don't Make Sense, Draco/Ron. Summary: Sometimes things that don’t make sense actually make perfect sense.
Fic: Sense of Humor, Viktor/Hermione. Summary: Viktor has a unique sense of humor
Fic: Morning Shower, Charlie/Harry. Summary: The sound of the shower running was really just too bloody tempting.
Fic: Trying Something New, Ron/Hermione. Summary: Hermione and Ron see something interesting and try something new
Fic: Date Night, Blaise/Hermione. Summary: Hermione and Blaise go out dancing
Fic: The Office, Draco/Hermione. Summary: Hermione visits Draco at the office


Posted by: DarkAngel (bellakuuipo1)
Posted at: March 10th, 2006 01:30 am (UTC)

You are a goddess thanks for fic rec your stories.

I'm looking for aq story of yours for a friend called Schoolboy Fantasies it's a Hermione/Ernie story.

Man did you know jess_lovecat will not be renewing the amazing site Queit Ones I am so bummed about that. Jess looking for someone to take over the site.

Posted by: Inell (inell)
Posted at: March 10th, 2006 01:32 am (UTC)
Inell Writing

Check my website. It's linked above.

That's too bad about Jess, but I figure it costs too much and takes too much time for her these days.

Posted by: DarkAngel (bellakuuipo1)
Posted at: March 10th, 2006 01:57 am (UTC)
Bloody Hell

Thanks for the heads up on your fic. I'll check your archive.

Yup sad thing about quiet ones but it's true from jess's group post it costs about 100.00 a year pre paid. I hope someone takes over the site. I first read your HP fics there.

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