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Inell [userpic]
Various Fics
by Inell (inell)
at December 29th, 2005 (07:49 pm)

All right. Here is a list of the fics I managed to get written for holiday gifts so far!

Any Age

Fic: Christmas Lights, Cedric/Hermione. Summary: “What have you gotten yourself into this time, Granger?”
Fic: What Might Have Been, Cedric/Hermione, Viktor/Hermione. Summary: There are some days when Hermione thinks about what might have been
Fic: A Walk in the Snow, Harry/Hermione. Summary: A walk in the snow changes a relationship
Fic: Worth the Wait, Neville/Hermione. Summary: Some things are worth the wait
Fic: Celebrate, Fred/Hermione/George. Summary: The camp was a madhouse after Ireland won the Cup.
Fic: Snowball Fight, Draco/Theo. Summary: Draco and Theo have a snowball fight
Fic: The World's Biggest Fool, Percy/Hermione. Summary: Percy realizes that he’s the world’s biggest fool
Fic: The Library at Night, Viktor/Hermione. Summary: There was something so peaceful about the library at night
Fic: Comfort in Three, Hermione/Draco/Cedric. Summary: Hermione finds comfort in three


Fic: Subtle Seduction, Fleur/Hermione. Summary: Fleur seduces Hermione
Fic: For Them, Harry/Hermione, Harry/Ron. Summary: The war had changed them all.
Fic: Do We Have a Deal?, Harry/Hermione/"Cedric". Summary: This couldn’t be happening. Warnings: Underage (15 and 14), rape/dub-con, dirty talk, use of Imperius, etc.
Fic: Hedonism, Harry/Hermione/Severus. Summary: In this, they’ve found escape
Fic: On Fire, Kingsley/Hermione. Summary: They let the fire consume them
Fic: A Successful Experiment, Sirius/Hermione. Summary: Sirius conducts an experiment
Fic: Spanking Hermione, Viktor/Hermione. Summary: Hermione and Viktor try something new
Fic: The Lesson, Viktor/Hermione. Summary: Viktor offers to give Hermione a lesson
Fic: Ready, Viktor/Hermione/Fleur. Summary: Hermione is ready
Fic: Charile's Birthday, Charlie/Hermione. Summary: Charlie knows what he wants for his birthday
Fic: Eggnog Later, Fred/Hermione/George. Summary: The twins want to play
Fic: Yes, Bill, Bill/Harry. Summary: Bill and Harry get up to no good
Fic: Bubbles and Baths, Cedric/Harry. Summary: Harry loved taking baths
Fic: Better Than Wanking, Charlie/Snape. Summary: Charlie discovers something that is better than wanking
Fic: Hates to Share, James/Sirius. Summary: Sirius and James don’t like to share
Fic: Tempting Lucius, Lucius/Blaise. Summary: The boy was far too tempting.
Fic: A Different Sort of Fairy Tale, Luna/Tonks. Summary: Luna tells Tonks a different sort of fairy tale
Fic: Give Him More, Ron/Draco/Harry. Summary: It was the sound of skin against skin that caught his attention.
Fic: Weekly Tea, Fleur/Hermione. Summary: Fleur and Hermione meet for weekly...tea
Fic: Persuasive, Hermione/Fred/George/Padma/Parvati. Summary: Twins can be very persuasive
Fic: Likes to Watch, Hermione/Harry/Ron. Summary: Harry likes to watch
Fic: Moonlit Garden, Hermione/Harry. Summary: They meet in the garden
Fic: For You, Hermione/Blaise/Harry. Summary: “For you,” her lover whispered against her bare shoulder.
Fic: Appreciating Beauty, Cedric/Hermione. Summary: Cedric has an appreciation for beauty
Fic: Possibly, Charlie/Hermione. Summary: It’s Christmas at the Burrow. Hermione and Charlie sneak away for a bit of private time
Fic: Just This Once, Hermione/Charlie/Bill/Fred/George. Summary: Something unexpected happens at the Quidditch World Cup after Ginny does something rather mischievous to prove a point
Fic: Worth the Wait, Hermione/Viktor. Summary: The best things are always worth the wait
Fic: Coins, Draco/Harry. Summary: Coins make a certain jingling sound whenever they are tossed onto the top of a wooden bureau.
Fic: Warmth, Angelus/Willow. Summary: She doesn’t remember warmth.