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Inell [userpic]
Year End Fic List 2008
by Inell (inell)
at December 31st, 2008 (11:23 am)

Any Age

Fic: Consequences. Hermione Granger. Summary: This wasn't how it was supposed to go
Fic: Peace. Harry/Hermione/Ron. Summary: After the Battle at Hogwarts
Fic: Shouldn't. Kingsley/Hermione. Summary: Make the most of an unpleasant situation
Fic: Women. Rowena/Helga.
Fic: Move. Katie/Marcus.
Fic: Neanderthal. Seamus/Hermione. Summary: Seamus makes a move
Fic: Morning. Harry/Hermione/Ron. Summary: The bed is empty.
Fic: Silence. Terry/Hermione. Summary: The scratch of the quill against parchment was a distraction.
Fic: Crossed. Harry/Hermione. Summary: It's peaceful here.
Fic: Reality. Remus/Tonks. Summary: Not all fairytales end with happily ever after.
Fic: Overreacting. Charlie/Hermione. Summary: Hermione overreacts
Fic: Advice. Madam Rosmerta, Charlie. Summary: Charlie asks for advice.
Fic: Massage. George/Neville. Summary: George takes Neville somewhere new.
Fic: Words. Viktor/Hermione. Summary: Writing it had been enough.
Fic: Unforgettable. Fred/Hermione. Summary: She'll never forget
Fic: Investment. Kingsley/Hermione. Summary: A conversation
Fic: Quaffle. Katie, Seamus. Summary: St. Mungos was boring.
Fic: Numbers. Charlie/Hermione. Summary: Charlie's bored
Fic: Stay. Percy/Hermione. Summary: He doesn't know how to do this
Fic: Routine. George/Hermione. Summary: There's a change in routine
Fic: Reasons. Lucius/Hermione. Summary: There are many reasons why being here is not a good idea.
Fic: Uncommon Bonds. Molly/Narcissa. Summary: After Arthur’s death, Molly joins a women’s group and makes an unexpected connection
Fic: Patience. Ron/Hermione. Summary: She just had to be patient. Drabble.
Fic: Surprisingly Pleasant. Lavender/Hermione. Summary: There's no harm in learning something new
Fic: Captain. Rose/Scorpius. Summary: It's a bloke thing
Fic: Escape. Harry/Hermione. Summary: It was the best part
Fic: Distraction. Oliver/Hermione. Summary: Oliver Wood is a distraction
Fic: Released. Katie Bell. Summary: It was time to leave
Fic: Worrying. Dean/Seamus. Summary: For now, he'd stop worrying
Fic: Comfortable. Draco/Hermione. Summary: Surprisingly, it was comfortable
Fic: Renegotiations. Fred/Hermione. Summary: Fred and Hermione make a deal
Fic: Rain. Draco/Hermione. Summary: It's just rain
Fic: Jealous. Harry/Hermione. Summary: Harry's jealous
Fic: Imperfection. Draco/Harry/Hermione. Summary: There's beauty in the imperfection
Fic: The Perfect Couple. Draco/Harry/Hermione. Summary: They were happy
Fic: Kiss. Ginny/Harry. Summary: It happens so fast
Fic: Going Crazy. Dean/Seamus. Summary: It was becoming an obsession
Fic: Plotting. Scorpius/Hermione. Summary: Perhaps it was an indication that she was working too hard
Fic: Persuasion. Draco/Hermione. Summary: The address can't be correct
Fic: Agreement. Blaise/Draco/Hermione. Summary: They are never going to agree
Fic: Honesty. Fred/George/Hermione. Summary: They're going to be late
Fic: Sneaky. Harry/Hermione. Summary: Harry’s been acting sneaky all day
Fic: Consolation. Rose/Scorpius. Summary: It was a good game
Fic: Anguish. Charlie/Hermione, Bill. Summary: They watch him sleep
Fic: Ill-Advised. Blaise/Hermione. Summary: The worst part is that it’s her fault
Fic: Disheveled. Harry/Hermione. Summary: One kiss leads to another
Fic: Attention. Percy/Hermione. Summary: He isn’t amused
Fic: Infatuation. Seamus/Hermione. Summary: She goes to the pub nearly every night
Fic: Surprised. Harry/Hermione. Summary: It’s their first date. Sequel to Disheveled
Fic: A Surprising Development. Rose/Scorpius. Summary: Rose and Scorpius deal with something unexpected
Fic: Intentions. Kingsley/Hermione. Summary: The box of chocolates is taunting her
Fic: Roses. Lucius/Hermione. Summary: The roses arrive at 3:15
Fic: Promise. George/Hermione. Summary: She’s near her breaking point
Fic: Brotherly Advice. Bill, Charlie. Summary: Bill and Charlie have a talk before Bill’s wedding

Crossover with Supernatural: Fic: Illogical. Dean Winchester/Hermione. Summary: There's an old saying: if you play with fire, eventually you're gonna get burned.
Crossover with POTC: Fic: Obviously Insane. James Norrington/Hermione. Summary: The girl is obviously insane. Sequel to The Missing Pieces.
Crossover with POTC: Fic: Defiant. James Norrington/Hermione. Summary: It is galling to be treated like a child. Sequel to Obviously Insane
BTVS: Fic: A Visitor. Willow, Angel. Summary: Willow has a visitor.


Fic: View. Ron/Hermione. Summary: The balcony has a nice view
Fic: Molly's Kitchen. Harry/Hermione. Summary: Hermione can’t remember the books describing anything like this
Fic: Coming Home. Ron/Hermione. Summary: Some things change while others remain the same
Fic: Phobia. Charlie/Harry. Summary: Harry faces an irrational fear
Fic: Escape. Draco/Neville. Summary: Neville finds an escape
Fic: Ritual. Bill/Charlie/Hermione. Summary: The ink glistens against pale skin. Warning: Incest
Fic: Sleepless. Bill/Harry. Summary: Harry can't sleep
Fic: Watching. Blaise/Harry/Hermione. Summary: Tonight, she chooses to watch
Fic: Family. Blaise/Lucius. Summary: Family is the most important thing in the world
Fic: Freedom. Blaise/Draco. Summary: Draco is finally free
Fic: Control. Lucius/Hermione. Summary: It's another lesson
Fic: Masks. Draco/Harry. Summary: Keeping secrets is tiring
Fic: An Offer. Harry/Hermione. Summary: It might be fun
Fic: Eye of the Beholder. James/Lily. Summary: This had to be wrong because it felt so dirty
Fic: Breaking the Rules. Seamus/Hermione. Summary: This isn’t normal for her
Fic: Sticky. Harry/Ron. Summary: Harry and Ron work on a project [Light R]
Fic: Afterglow. Blaise/Hermione/Dean. Summary: At the moment, it’s a blank canvas
Fic: Win or Lose. James/Sirius. Summary: It’s tempting to transform into Padfoot even if it means losing the game

Worth the Risk Series

WTR #40: Perception. Teen. Summary: Hermione has a surprise visitor for lunch. Word Count: 2850
WTR #41: Question. Teen. Summary: Hermione and Teddy have a meeting. Word Count: 1200
WTR #42: Preparation. Adult. Summary: Hermione and Teddy spend time together. Word Count: 3660
WTR #43: Reception. Teen. Summary: Rose comes home. Word Count: 2780
WTR #44: Tradition. Teen. Summary: Harry and Ron visit Hermione for their monthly brunch. Word Count: 1830
WTR #45: Comprehension. Teen. Summary: Monday meeting and lunch. Word Count: 3040
WTR #46: Consultation. Teen. Summary: Hermione meets with a contact about the Warrington case. Word Count: 2730
WTR #47: Frustration. Teen. Summary: Teddy and Hermione go out for dinner. Word Count: 2945
WTR #48: Admission. Teen. Summary: Hugo and Rose come home from their weekend with Ron. Word Count: 2530
WTR #49: Resignation. Teen. Summary: Hermione and Teddy catch up on Monday. Word Count: 1800
WTR #50: Information. Teen. Summary: Hermione speaks to a contact before meeting Ron for lunch. Word Count: 3050
WTR #51: Explosion. Teen. Summary: Teddy comes over for dinner. Word Count: 3235
WTR #52: Transgression. Teen. Summary: Hermione has an unexpectedly busy Saturday morning. Word Count: 4250
WTR #53: Congregation. Teen. Summary: Lunch with the boys on Monday. Word Count: 2925
WTR #54: Suspicion. Teen. Summary: Hermione has a meeting about the Warrington case. Word Count: 2635
WTR #55: Aspiration. Teen. Summary: Teddy comes over for dinner, take two. Word Count: 2910
WTR #56: Resolution. Teen. Summary: Hermione has an unscheduled meeting at work. Word Count: 2530
WTR #57: Summation. Teen. Summary: Friday at the office. Word Count: 2300
WTR #58: Conclusion. Adult. Summary: Hermione and Teddy have their date. Word Count: 4135


Posted by: velvetwhip (velvetwhip)
Posted at: December 31st, 2008 06:00 pm (UTC)
Angel/Willow Love by emeraldswan

I still sigh over the Willow/Angel...


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