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Inell [userpic]
Nov - July Fic List
by Inell (inell)
at August 4th, 2007 (04:28 pm)

Any Age

Emain Macha. Seamus. Summary: Seamus goes to a favorite place to think about the future
Fic: Rocking Chair. Remus/Hermione. Summary: Hermione sees beauty where others see worn wood
Fic: The Beach. Charlie/Tonks. Summary: It's much easier to go barefoot on this part of the beach
Fic: Winter's Day. Charlie/Hermione. Summary: It's a good place to start
Fic: Error in Judgement, Seamus/Hermione. Summary: Maybe it wasn’t an error in judgment after all
Fic: A Summer Morning, Draco/Pansy. Summary: It’s funny how you can wake up one day and suddenly realize that nothing in your life is how you’ve seen it for years
Fic: Fog and Embers, Ginny/Harry. Summary: In the end, there is fog and embers
Fic: Breathe. Roger/Hermione. Summary: The sound of waves lightly crashing against the shore greeted her as she woke up
Fic: Appreciation. Lucius/Hermione. Summary: There’s time for hope after the war is over
Fic: A Theory. Regulus/Hermione. Summary: She was torn between feeling triumphant and scared
Fic: Same Time Next Week. Lucius/Hermione. Summary: They meet every Thursday at 8pm
Fic: Illogical. Fred/George/Hermione. Summary: Maybe logic was overrated
Fic: Fiasco. Harry/Hermione. Summary: It’s all Harry’s fault
Fic: Let Go. Bill/Tonks. Summary: She knows it’s time to let go
Fic: Snowflakes. Fred/Hermione. Summary: Fred’s plan doesn’t go as expected
Fic: Drifting. Charlie/Hermione. Summary: He was tired of feeling like they were becoming strangers
Fic: Four-Leaf Clover. Neville/Hermione. Summary: Hermione finds a four-leaf clover
Fic: Flying. Harry/Ron. Summary: Ron loves to fly
Fic: Persistence. Roger/Hermione. Summary: After months of resisting, Hermione finally acknowledges how she feels
Fic: Flowers. Neville/Hermione. Summary: Hermione brings Neville flowers
Fic: Touch. Pansy/Ron. Summary: Ron can’t believe she was invited
Fic: The Dark. Hermione. Summary: I have never been afraid of the dark
Fic: First Impressions. Voldemort, Lucius. Summary: Abraxas had not raised a son who would be impressed by the things that appealed to so many of his age
Fic: Man of Honor. Ron, Hermione. Summary: As Man of Honor, it was his duty to ensure that the ceremony goes smoothly
Fic: The Choices We Make. Blaise Zabini. Summary: We shape our lives, and we shape ourselves...And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility. - Eleanor Roosevelt
Crossover with POTC: Fic: The Missing Pieces. Hermione, James Norrington. Summary: Now came the fun part: solving the puzzle.
Heroes: Fic: Rest. Claire. Summary: This can't be happening.

Fic: Identical. Fred Weasley. Summary: They weren’t identical anymore (DH Spoilers)
Fic: It's a Start. Harry, Dudley. Summary: It might not be normal, but maybe it’s a start (DH Spoilers)
Fic: Sleepwalking. George Weasley. Summary: No one really understands (DH Spoilers)
Fic: Consequences. Hermione. Summary: For every choice, there are always consequences (DH Spoilers)
Fic: Routines. Augusta Longbottom. Summary: This has been a routine for so many years that it’s now second nature (DH Spoilers)
Fic: Reinforcements. Charlie, Horace Slughorn. Summary: After it’s over, when they’ve won, then he’ll grieve for the brother he’s lost. (DH Spoilers)
Fic: Helpless. Minerva. Summary: It’s frustrating to be so helpless (DH Spoilers)
Fic: Friends. Luna. Summary: Luna’s inspired the summer after her fourth year at Hogwarts (DH Spoilers)
Fic: Courage. Neville. Summary: (DH Spoilers)
Fic: Broken Promises. Narcissa. Summary: This is not the life that Narcissa was promised twenty-three years ago. (DH Spoilers)
Fic: Kidness. Dean. Summary: It’s the everyday kindness that surprises him (DH Spoilers)
Worth the Risk #1: Obsession. Teddy/Hermione. Summary:
Worth the Risk #: . Teddy/Hermione. Summary: It’s just plain wrong
WTR #2: Procrastination. Teddy/Hermione. Summary: A kiss is just a kiss
WTR #3: Conversation. Teddy/Hermione. Summary: Hermione and Teddy have dinner
WTR #4: Suggestion. Teddy/Hermione. Summary: Teddy drops by to surprise Hermione
WTR #5: Acquisition . Teddy/Hermione. Summary: Hermione and Teddy spend the day together
WTR #6: Indecision. Teddy/Hermione. Summary: After a few busy days, Hermione and Teddy spend time together
WTR Interlude: Education. Teddy/Hermione. Summary: Teddy gets an unexpected lesson. (Takes place years before Obsession in the Worth the Risk verse.)


Fic: Proving a Point. Percy/Hermione. Summary: Percy isn't above exploiting her weaknesses to prove a point
Fic: Chocolate, Ron/Hermione. Summary: Hermione doesn't like being distracted
Fic: Knowledge and Obsession, Ginny/Hermione, Bellatrix/Hermione. Summary: They never noticed the line being crossed between knowledge and obsession
Fic: Counting on Viktor, Viktor/Hermione. Summary: The room was dark. That should have been her first clue that something wasn't right.
Fic: Sunrise. Viktor/Hermione. Summary: Viktor wants to watch the sunrise
Fic: L'Île des Deuxièmes Chances. Pansy/Hermione. Summary: It was meant to be a short holiday from a stressful situation. Instead of simply finding escape, though, Pansy ends up finding herself and learning that second chances are precious.
Fic: Brotherhood. Bill/Charlie. Summary: Bill asks Charlie for a favor
Fic: Good Things Come in Threes. Ron/Hermione/Harry. Summary: Harry's neck tastes like sweat, cinnamon, and the strawberry lip gloss that Hermione wears.
Fic: Three's Company. Ron/Hermione/Harry. Summary: Harry wishes he was poetic and poncy enough to describe what he's seeing with pretty words because it's beautiful and deserves them.
Fic: Subtlety is Overrated. Bill/Tonks. Summary: Honesty is a virtue, but subtlety is overrated
Fic: Completely Unexpected. Various Females/Hermione including: Hermione/Luna, Hermione/Minerva, Hermione/Fleur, Hermione/Ginny, Hermione/Narcissa, Hermione/Cho, Hermione/Tonks, & Hermione/Lavender/Parvati. Summary: On a summer day at her parent's house, Hermione finds herself researching something completely unexpected
Fic: Paris in the Spring. Viktor/Hermione. Summary: Paris in the springtime was traditionally a very romantic experience.
Fic: Scraps. Bill/Tonks. Summary: Just one last time
Fic: Reckless Behavior. Bill/Hermione. Summary: It’s all his fault that the calm life she’s developed is no longer peaceful and that her sanctuary has become a den of immoral thoughts.
Fic: The Pub. Regulus/Remus. Summary: The pub is crowded and loud
Fic: Hermione's Knickers. Harry. Summary: The one good thing about Hermione going off on shag weekends is the chance to raid her knickers drawer
Fic: Saqqara Simmer. Bill/Hermione. Summary: The Saqqara assignment is complicated, but between the heat, the runes, and the close quarters, Bill and Hermione have to make room for communication.
Fic: Practice Makes Perfect. Ron/Hermione. Summary: Hermione always says ‘practice until you get it right’. For once, Ron actually listens.